Hi there BEAUTIFUL ♥

Heey there:) 

I was wondering if you could perhaps help me find my destiny here, in TUMBLR. 

I would be soo happy if you could follow me and support me for what I am wanting to do for ages. This might get quite interessting, so I wouldn’t let that apportunity go. 

So, let me tell you someting about myself. 

1) My name is Andrea

2) I live in Germany

3) I can speak 4 languages: Tagalog, German, English and a little bit of Spanish

4) I am a hundred percent Filipino- lived there for almost 11 years. 

5) I am 17

6) I am obsessed with One Direction, British Youtubers, Ed Sheeran (and the list goes on)

7) I am willing to share you my story;)- it is sooo interessting, I promise (so tune in)

8) I am an only child, fyi

9) I don’t have lots of friends, but enough to say that I am happy

10) I still go to school, after graduating ‘RealSchule’, I am currently doing ‘Gymnasium’ (look it up, if you don’t know what I am talking about) 

so…. that’s me, I am new and I hope you lead me the way and help me get through this, love you lots ♥